• The Year 1986


    Up until 1986 Trevor Marchant was employed by Westpac. He had a number of different roles including branch management, commercial management and regional management. His last position with Westpac was Head of Training, Education and Development.

  • The Year 1987

    Johnson Corporation

    After a short time with Westpac Life ( the new Bankassurance divison of Westpac) Trevor left the bank and joined Johnson Corporation Australia as General Manager.

  • The Year 1989

    Trevor Marchant & Associates

    After 2 years with JCA as General Manager and the #1 Salesman Trevor started his own business – Trevor Marchant & Associates …and spent the next 7 years coaching and training business owners to reach their full potential.

  • The Year 1996

    L J Hooker Moneywise International

    In 1996 Trevor joined forces with Eve Dallas to set-up and operate Castle Securities which later became L J Hooker Moneywise International ( now known as L J Hooker Financial Services) This business was eventually sold to Suncorp Metway

  • The Year 2001

    Marchant Dallas Consulting

    From 2001 until the present Marchant Dallas has been a consulting, coaching and training organisation. We have been featured in the top 1 per cent of Sales and Marketing coaching company’s in Australia and New Zealand.

    We have a range of programs including courses, workshops, seminars and specific one-on-one coaching programs. We have written nationally accredited training and development programs for business owners and staff and have a number of books – including two best-sellers in the market.

    We practice what we preach and have now developed our 14 years in the making ‘overnight’ success business consulting business.

  • As of 2016

    Current Achievements ...

    At last count, including Trevor’s days at Westpac we have helped in excess of 30,000 people achieve their goals, ambitions and dreams. We have worked with over 5000 business owners across all industries and we have worked with approximately 50 accounting firms.

    Our BUSINESS MODEL is confined to ‘finding an accounting firm who wants to go to the Next Level …and take their clients with them…and showing them how. Showing them how goes beyond the coaching and the teaching it means going into the field with the accounting firm or the clients and showing them how to grow their business.

    We show them how by demonstrating HOW TO identify, attract, engage, get and keep a client.